Putnam’s Wood Stools & Step Ladders

For use in fine homes, offices, libraries and commercial applications. Putnam stools are manufactured of the highest quality hardwoods.

All stools are available in the following solid hardwoods: Ash, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut. Products can be provided finished with a clear polyurethane, stained using Minwax interior finishes, or left unfinished. Standard hardware is zinc which can be upgraded to black, polished brass, or polished chrome.

*Most stools are available in other sizes.

Step Stools

13" #29, Red Oak

13" #29, Walnut (with hole)

36" #19LR, Red Oak (with knee brace)

36" #19, Red Oak w/ black stain

22" #120, Red Oak (also available with knee brace)

Folding Step Ladders

36" #12, Red Oak

36" #150, Red Oak

30" #75, Maple

30" #75, Mahogany

24" #50, Red Oak

6' #12, Walnut

A. No.120LR
B. No.150
C. No.150
D. No.150
E. No.19LR*
F. No.75
G. No.50
H. No.50
I. No.50
J. No.29
K. No.29

Red Oak Wood 22″
Ash 36″
Honduras Mahogany 36″
Birch 36″
Oak 24″
Oak 30″
Cherry 24″
Maple 24″
Walnut 24″
Walnut 13″
Oak 13″