6H Series Platform Ladders

  • Solid oak rolling ladder (other hardwoods available)
  • Equipped with spring loaded casters
  • The shelf at the top of the handrail can be reversed so the ladder can be used from either side
  • Rolls easily when no weight is on the ladder
  • Available with a natural finish, stained using the minwax interior wood finishes, or unfinished
  • The ladders are equipped with 2″ swivel casters and can be used on carpet
  • Steel handrails with reversible oak shelf

NO. 115 Pulpit Ladder

Particularly suited for work in narrow places and use around short corners. Our No. 235 bottom brakes prevent ladder from moving when occupied, and swivel casters add to ease in turning. Pulpit or top shelf allows for sorting papers or as a rest for packages.

Made of top grade oak, finished, and with screw construction throughout.

Standards Dimensions are:
The height of the platform … 3′, 4′, 5′, or 6′ pulpit height … 30 inches
The width of the platform … 18 inches
The depth of the platform … 24 inches
The outside width of the front steps… 18 inches at top tapered 1″ to foot.

Automatic Portable No.105

This ladder has been especially designed and used extensively in terminal rooms of Telephone Exchanges. The outstanding features of this ladder are the automatic brake and wide face rubber wheels. The ladder rolls easily in either the open or closed position. When stepped on, the ladder becomes automatically locked and will not move. Uses #235 brakes. Stock size – six foot. Any size made to specification. Made of oak.

Rolling Work Platform

Rolling work platform for use in telephone central offices where frame heights are less than 8 feet. Ladder is A-frame design, made of thoroughly seasoned oak, protected with clear coating. Ladder is furnished as a basic platform ladder, and can also be equipped with wire reel for dispensing wire to frames.

No.5 Ladder

Rolling Made of the best grade oak, which is filled and varnished. Parts assembled with wood screws. Equipped with special bottom fixtures which, when ladder is stepped on, cause wheel to roll out and ladder to rest on floor. Back legs equipped with swivel type wheels.

Standard dimensions are:
The height to platform: as specified
The width of platform: 19 inches
The depth of platform: 24 inches

Outside width of steps – 18 inches at Platform, tapered 1″ to foot.

Details given are standard dimension with usual fixtures. All may be altered to fit individual requirements.