The No. 70 Library Ladder – Our No. 70 folding ladder provides a unique solution to your occasional “hard to get at” spots: such as libraries, kitchens, closets, etc.

Folding type library ladder – Folds into a compact bundle when not in use.

Available in one foot increments from 7′ – 10′. Made only in our red oak wood but can be stained.

Library Cart No. 427

Made of Oak with folding steps. 38″ x 31″ x 15″ (Other sizes available.) Equipped with ball-bearing swivel and rigid casters. Steps in front for easy access to high shelves are optional.

Library Cart No. 327

3 shelf library cart of oak. Heavy construction with ball-bearing casters for easy handling.
32″ high – 16″ x 30″ Tray
32″ high – 20″ x 28″ Tray
32″ high – 24″ x 36″ Tray
(Other sizes available)