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No.1 Rolling Ladder in a library

Putnam Rolling Ladder Company
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The No.1 Rolling Ladder for a Library Wall Unit

The No.1 Rolling Ladder is a beautiful addition to any home or business: it endures the rigors of industry yet has the grace and beauty of fine furniture.

Our famous No. 1 Rolling Ladder is made of best grade red oak or choice of other hard wood. Steps are screwed to rails, not nailed, and rods are placed under each step, for greater strength.

In lieu of a clear finish, the ladder can be stained in various popular wood shades, as desired, You may choose from any of the Minwax interior wood finishes, or, if you prefer to finish the ladder yourself, unfinished is also available.

The top slide feature, available in either roll type (No. 210) or hook slide, (No. 230) permits the rolling ladder to be pulled out for use or pushed back against shelves to conserve space. The roll type top fixture (No. 210) is for a ladder permanently attached to the track. The hook slide top fixture (No. 230) is used when a ladder needs to be removed from one section of track to another.

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The ladder rolls easily on bottom fixtures (no. 270). Also available is an old style malleable iron bottom fixture (No. 270 old style) for a more antique look.

The No. 1 oak rolling ladder can be made out of any hard wood, including mahogany, maple, birch, ash, and cherry, for an additional cost.

The normal measurements of the No. 1 Rolling ladder are as follows:

  • Height--as required (7" clearance above the track is required)
  • Steps---4-1/4" deep
  • Side rails--3-1/4" deep
  • Outside width--16"

All measurements can be altered.

No.70 Library Ladder

NO. 70 LIBRARY LADDER -  Our No. 70 folding ladder provides a unique solution to your occasional "hard to get at" spots: such as libraries, kitchens, closets, etc.

Folding type library ladder - Folds into compact bundle when not in use.

Available in one foot increments from 7' - 10'. Made only in our red oak wood but can be stained.

Library Cart No.427

Library Cart No. 427 - Made of Oak with folding steps. 38" x 31" x 15" (Other sizes available.) Equipped with ball-bearing swivel and rigid casters. Steps in front for easy access to high shelves are optional.

Library Cart No.327

Library Cart No. 327 - 3 shelf library cart of oak. Heavy construction with ball-bearing casters for easy handling.
32" high - 16" x 30" Tray
32" high - 20" x 28" Tray
32" high - 24" x 36" Tray
(Other sizes available)



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